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workin with creators, learning animation

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1 day ago

$400M spreadsheet

6 days ago
14 days ago
15 days ago

i am the eggman

21 days ago

gang we need to put our tgifheads together to build a webapp that can end coronavirus once and for all

27 days ago

hey guys welcome back to another video -


i want to take a bunch of psychedlics and marathon obscure muppet videos

birdflix and chill

10 more candidates and we’ll have enough to fill one dem debate stage

compare mouth movement quibi 2020 to disney 1937! adding distinct emotional transitions and body movemnts makes dialogue feel infinitely more believable, and seeing clear transitions between mouth positions (mvmnt of teeth, tongue, mouth shape)

why are good mouth rigs so hard to get right

The billionaire class may hate us. That's fine. We are the strongest campaign against LoKey because we stand with the working class of Screenhole.

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darn it