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it is i, the dumbass.

🎉 on Screenhole since January 2019

1 day ago

kyle is not interested in receiving the geese' positive vibes

2 days ago

an oldie but a goodie

4 days ago
9 days ago
11 days ago

is this one of those ads where twitter's like "i know how ur gonna die?" because if so no thanks

12 days ago


13 days ago

yesterday was 420. today is 69.

14 days ago
17 days ago
22 days ago

somebody help da share z0ne

24 days ago
24 days ago
24 days ago

hey @keyser @wojtek i just heard this new song what do you think?

26 days ago

indexing a nice chonk of records

27 days ago

we have been v i s i t e d

27 days ago

this is the only tweet i have bookmarked and it's an ad

27 days ago

counting crows? i haven't heard that name in years

27 days ago
28 days ago

i had such high hopes for u wolfram

29 days ago

friend of the hole KBG is at it again.