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friendly neighborhood minnesotan.

🎉 on Screenhole since January 2019

3 days ago

not nice :(

6 days ago

not poutine. also not michigan.

9 days ago
9 days ago

maybe now he'll be proud of me

12 days ago

adobe, not even once

15 days ago

"got statis?" - ur fav athlete and/or celebrity with a malk mustache

20 days ago

come after MN on the internet, we’ll offer you a goddamn plate of hot dish and dessert bars, motherfucker

20 days ago

fuck off andrew wagner this is MY korean bbq pizza spot

22 days ago

paul thomas anderson >>> parent teacher association

23 days ago


23 days ago

get it??? soylent is concrete! haha!!

27 days ago

the only good thing i've ever done

27 days ago

is austin allred a bot controlled by @pasquale? the world wants to know.

27 days ago

well what did he expect????

29 days ago

“in the buble”

target has discovered that i am secretly an old person

i’m not worthy

tttttttony hopssssssss

$TSLA should immediately drop to $69/share and stay there forever