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i don't understand why people want phone calls?


Normally people do phone calls when they want to be sure that the message got through, and everyone's on the same page. As a person who hates texting about complex things, this is me and I apologize to all my millennial brethren


Texting with someone to figure out a time to meet can take hours when a phone call takes less than a minute.


@butt But...t....the point is they should have the written communication skills to describe what they need. Voice chat shouldn't be necessary.


@byelanie Yeah, my confusion is when people want calls for things that...don't need explanation? It feels like an intrusion and an excuse to not think about what they want to ask for. Just write what you want!


@butt Also that's not true, it takes a minute of their time, but it takes an hour or more of mine because it's an interruption...


ah I see -- yeah I have been known to ignore people when they message me "I'm hoping to get direction on x if possible..." or "I have a question". Like just ask your actual question instead of wasting everyone's time because you want attention