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2 days ago
2 days ago

I can't help but think aliens enjoy watching earth.

4 days ago

The leaning tower of CHEEZA

7 days ago

Finally. I'm sick of eating chicken meat from a dumb chicken.

10 days ago
12 days ago
13 days ago

Busy day at the office

17 days ago
17 days ago


25 days ago

Italy is such a beautiful cuntry

27 days ago

Today's topic is the y2k bug. Did we over prepare for something that turned out innocuous? Or was all that time spent fixing dates worth it? Phone lines are open.

28 days ago

Worst wrong turn of the decade

I would like to nominate myself as the Pope of Screenhole. To alllllll those who may object, post your dubious reasons here.

Hope it's ok to post selfies

2 months ago

CS 1.6

2 months ago


2 months ago

Internet 101