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Lurking, probably. @whereskeyser everywhere

🎉 on Screenhole since October 2018

Hell yea two perce- wait

Had a stroke the first time I typed that ok bye

The best text copy to test a font on a site. This has taken years of research

hell yea 1%

Get me to a million

In case you're wondering where I've be-

45k only being the deposit....on one night ......

1 day ago

Now read MY github horoscope

5 days ago

i should've just said "this site ugly YEET"

8 days ago

@mat is the new inventor VCs should look out for

12 days ago


12 days ago

We're posting these now?

16 days ago
20 days ago
20 days ago

That's not a funny keyboard smash that's @wojtek finding me personally and silencing me with a keyboard to the head

22 days ago
22 days ago
22 days ago

a mood

22 days ago

im famous

22 days ago