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amateur multimedia artist in a sea of amateur multimedia artists

🎉 on Screenhole since December 2017

19 days ago
28 days ago
28 days ago

i'm pretty sure it's been there since the beginning of time. prove me wrong, i guess.

"face timing" my boy

i didn't know the tendies were sandwiches

byte.... okay, as long as you are not going to collect all the datas.

Optimistic pessinism

2 months ago

Out of everyone that wants to buy tiktok, this is one of the most wtf companies to do it, even though Oracle and Microsoft are already wtf as is for the app.

2 months ago

I think I found the fastest "public" wifi in the state (so far)

2 months ago

waiting for guinness to reply on how big dummy i am

2 months ago

I swore the transition was smoother when I first heard it at work