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What in the heck is SCREENHOLE?

It's a fun place with a funny name where you can share screenshots of stuff that happens on your computer and phone. There's also a chat, so you can talk to other people. It is a wHOLEsome bunker from the rest of the internet.

When we were working on video games at Thinko, we kept making and seeing crazy stuff on our screens and used to text pictures to each other. Then we thought, what the heck dawg, this is fun, what if we made it into a thingy? The thingy was really fun, so then we started letting our friends use it.

It's more of a place to hang out and have fun, but if you want to use it as a tool, go nuts. You can post stuff in the main hole, and you can create your own public and private holes (lol) to organize your stuff.

Screenhole is most fun to use with the desktop app. The iPhone app will be back soon.


What happened to buttcoin?

We froze the economy for a bit, but it'll be back

How do I create my own hole?

This feature is coming soon

How do I get an invite?

Head over this way.

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Go to your account settings and upload your own!

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